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The Smile Design Center Provides Cosmetic Dentistry to New Orleans and Metairie, LA


Bleaching is an exciting teeth whitening technique that has helped thousands have a whiter smile since it was introduced in 1989. This simple procedure involves placing the bleaching gel in a clear form-fitting tray that covers the teeth and is practically invisible. You wear the comfortable tray at a convenient time each day. Your whitest possible shade should be reached after only 2-4 weeks. Bleaching can lighten coffee or tea-stained teeth, correct cigarette and tobacco discoloration, and reduce yellowing in teeth due to aging.

Problems solved by bleaching: Bleaching can lighten coffee or tea-stained teeth, correct cigarette and tobacco discoloration, and reduce yellowing in teeth due to aging.

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Bonding is a very conservative technique that can change the appearance of teeth in numerous ways-to close gaps, repairs chips, cover discolorations, improve alignment-using an advanced material that matches enamel. Bonding can be accomplished in one appointment so the improvement to your smile can be enjoyed immediately! When done properly, "ultimate esthetics" is achieved and the restorations look as good as porcelain or natural enamel; it is perfectly suited to make minor or major changes. Bonding is the topic that Corky Willhite teaches most often, so his expertise in this field is world-renowned.

Problems solved by bonding: Freehand bonding can close gaps, repair chips, cover discolorations, and improve alignment.

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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers dramatically improve the appearance of teeth with thin, custom-made porcelain "laminates" bonded over the fronts of unsightly teeth. With Traditional Porcelain Veneers, just a little enamel is removed so the veneers don't feel bulky, or with Prepless Porcelain Veneers, the porcelain is bonded on without any enamel being removed. Once this incredibly natural restoration is bonded on it is very strong. Porcelain veneers are the most popular option for Smile Makeovers partly due to the ceramist at the dental laboratory taking much of the responsibility for the beauty of the final results. The dentist shapes the teeth, the ceramist fabricates the porcelain laminates, then the dentist bonds them onto the teeth-a team effort!

Problems solved by veneers: Porcelain veneers can provide more dramatic changes for unsightly teeth and are a good choice for Smile Makeovers. This technique is popular because it creates so much improvement with so little tooth reduction.

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Natural Crowns

The highest quality crowns can defy detection by appearing so natural that people will think that they are beautiful real teeth. Crowns (or caps) completely cover and protect teeth that have had extensive damage-most teeth don't need crowns unless there are significant pre-existing problems or they already have crowns. This is the most aggressive option but, when needed, can improve dental health while accomplishing amazing esthetic changes, too.

Problems solved by crowns: Natural crowns can completely cover and protect teeth that have had extensive damage, to restore and improve appearance and health (the most protective solution).

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Temporary Veneers, Crowns and Bridges

When porcelain restorations are planned, a highly trained ceramist will do the fabrication. This requires that temporary restorations be made in our office to allow time for the porcelain to be done extremely well. We create custom temporaries that provide 70-90% of the final esthetic goals with essentially 100% of functional aspects achieved. With most of the improvements accomplished with the temporaries, it will be easy to allow the ceramist time to create beautifully natural porcelain restorations.

Implants or Bridges

You can replace missing teeth in a manner that functions comfortably and has a natural appearance. Implants are a successful and proven procedure for the installation of fixed (non-removable) replacement teeth. They are biocompatible and form a strong fusion with bone to give stability similar to natural teeth. After the specialist has placed the implants in the jaw, we will complete the treatment of attaching natural crowns and bridges to them for a very functional and long-lasting result. Bridges can also be accomplished without implants if the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth are strong enough. Bridges look like individual teeth although there may be several teeth in one bridge.

Problems solved by implants or bridges: Implants and bridges can replace missing teeth with comfortable and natural-looking results.

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Orthodontic Treatment

When tooth movement is limited to a few front teeth, there are new options to move teeth into a more correct position without having to see an orthodontist. Traditional braces are effective, but many people like the new invisible and removable Essix appliances. The Essix technique utilizes a transparent, custom-fitted appliance that covers the front 6 teeth only. It is thin so comfort is routine, and since it is clear, it is essentially invisible in your mouth! It is easy to remove to eat, brush and floss. To keep treatment time as short as possible-often just a few months-adjustments are usually needed about every one to two weeks and are included in the fee.

Problems solved by orthodontic treatment: Orthodontic treatment can move teeth into correct positions with braces, retainers, or the new invisible and removable Essix appliances.

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Gum Lift

Excessive or uneven gums can be corrected with a gum lift, which is an easier way to describe periodontal plastic surgery. Some situations may require a specialist to accomplish this, but many cases can be accomplished at the same appointment as the cosmetic or restorative treatment. An instrument that works similar to a laser is used, so it's very predictable and healing is quick and easy.

Problems solved by gum lifts: Gum lifts can correct excessive or uneven gums.

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