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photo of a smiling young couple We recognize the importance of your time. Our focus is to provide one-on-one, personalized care. The doctor or hygienist is scheduled with you and you alone so that you receive the individualized attention that you deserve. Our team will focus exclusively on you! We will schedule your needed treatment in as few appointments as possible to efficiently maximize your time.

  • For your convenience, we've provided a list of recommended hotels and restaurants in the area.
  • Dark safety glasses are provided to protect eyes from water spray or tiny particles.
  • Radio and lightweight headphones allow you to listen to any style of music you prefer-a nice distraction from dental sounds.
  • Conscious sedation: Medication may be prescribed that will help you to relax and overcome anxiety.
  • We have the softest and lightest blankets to stay warm if you find our office too cool.
  • Complimentary lunch provided if you have a long appointment-usually a delicious soup so you can eat without having to chew.
  • Adjustable head rests with rice husk pillows allow your head to be comfortably supported even for longer appointments.
  • Isolated water system: This technology utilizes individual sterile water reservoirs for each treatment room to eliminate biofilm completely in our office. You can have complete confidence in the steps we have taken to ensure your health and safety in our office environment.

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